Modernizing the Detection of Counterfeit Electronic Components by American Electronic Resource

We are all seeking a new and easy tool to identify counterfeit electronic components,however, there is not a single simple tool that can carry out the job. BUT there is an exceptionally easy and economical solution.

You don't have to buy it, No extra staff costs, No new procedures, No training, No stress.


American Electronics Resource, A great independent distributor. In the Market there are a few electronic component distributors, including AERI, a fake component detection specials who can do everything for you. Urgent note: (there are many distributors that say they do counterfeit testing to get your business. You must first review their procedures before ordering).


Since there is no easy way to detect counterfeit, you would have to invest in expensive equipment, costly engineers, difficult procedures, and extensive training. But don't! Allow your company to pay more attention on its own core competencies. Let the professionals handle all of this for you.

Counterfeit Detection is Not a Requirement

It is not mandatory that your organization be capable of detecting counterfeits. SAE AS5553- the most widely used counterfeit avoidance document, which give equipment manufacturers clear direction, does not indicate that manufacturers must have the capability to detect these components. It leaves that open to being performed by another entity.They are expertise out there, take advantage of them.

Before taking the dive of faith that this solution involves, there are various requirements that SAE's AS6081 obliges of a distributor to be capable of in order to properly test parts for authenticity. A few of these are XRF testing, X-RAY inspection, remarking and resurfacing test. Take american electronic resource counterfeit detection to be sure.

Going Forward

It is up to your audit and quality group to obtain trust that your independent distributor is capable of operating these tools and are trained in counterfeit detection techniques. It is very challenging to detect counterfeits and no single tool will ever be able to spot every counterfeit.

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